My name is Laura Ortiz, the Outreach Consultant at Liberty Elementary School.  My job is to support students so that they can do well in school.  I see students individually or in small groups to help them deal with challenges which may be affecting their ability to focus or perform in school.  Just like adults, children need support dealing with life events, social interactions, or meeting the expectations of their job (in this case, their job is being a student).  The outreach program provides that support so that all students can have a positive school experience.

The goal of the Outreach Consultant Program is to enhance skills in 5 major areas:  decision-making skills, responsibility, self-esteem, communication and social relations.  To reinforce these concepts, I am available to visit your child's classroom once to cover the following topics:

1.  Self Concept
2.  Feelings
3.  Support Systems
4.  Peer Relationships
5.  Peer Pressure
6.  Decision-making
7.  Setting Goals

Please feel free to call me at any time.  My direct number is 361-4543.